This is an interactive timeline of the rulers of the Roman Empire, stretching from the creation of the empire under Augustus in 27BC up to the Fall of Constantinople in 1453. The Laskarid Dynasty of the Nicene Empire fills the brief hole after the the Crusaders sacked Constantinople in 1204. The x-axis of the graph represents time, which is separated with 10 year intervals, and the y-axis just highlights the number of rulers the Romans had in the corresponding year. Time can be traversed via dragging the chart and the names and dynasties of all emperors of a year is displayed with tooltips when the cursor is within the timeline. The Dynasty or the general period an emperor (or empress) belonged is colour-coded - visually separating the progression of the empire. With this brief explanation out of the way, have some random stats from the dataset!

five Longest Reigns

Emperor Dynasty Years
1 Basil II Macedonian 49
2 Theodosius II Theodosian 48
3 Constantine VII Macedonian 46
- Andronikos II Palaiologos Palaiologan 46
5 Augustus Julio-Claudian 40

five Most Common Fates

Fate %
1 Natural Causes 33.3
2 Assassinated 19.2
3 Deposed 18.6
4 Executed 7.3
5 Died in Battle 6.2

Hi :o All data in dataset taken from Wikipedia page linked at top.